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Atta Gurl Consulting has Representatives and Consultants in all niches of the Oil & Gas Industry.

The benefit of Hiring Atta Gurl’s to represent you is we have multiple MSA’s, agreements, and contacts which we pool together to make us the one stop shop for all your industry needs.

Who do you normally turn to to provide you with the materials you need to complete a job? One, two or three different companies or more?

How about if I told you that we can and WILL do the job of all of the above!

Come Home to the only business you will need on your side to become as resourceful as you could ever imagine being. Your company will profit having Atta on your side!

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Oil & Gas Niches

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Increased Sales

Are you looking to expand geographically? Enlarge your presence in the industry? We can increase your sales with our teams.
We Got You!

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Tenured B2B Relationships

We have a multitude of vendors who love us, we can get you the best deals because we already have the relationships!

Manufacturers Service Agreement - Atta Gurl Cosulting has many MSAs with a multitude of companies. We can get you the best price, and on time delivery.

Need More MSAs

Let us save you time! We have a multitude of MSAs and can get you what you want without all the complications of doing your own.

Atta Gurls come in Teams of 3 - Imagine hiring a sales rep and and actually getting 3 people who do the one job? Atta Gurl Consulting.

We Represent You!

Atta Gurls give you a team of three to replace just one of your own sales reps. Imagine the work you are going to get by hiring us!