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Shar Woehl

My Message:

“It’s Simple… I wanted to create a company where I have my Gurls’ backs…

Where, I invest in their character, their minds, their true selves and their families…

Together, we look at their hardships and WE learn from them as a family, and we apply those lessons to our company culture.

I wanted a company that actually “listens” to our customer’s pain points and needs. Where we are on the forefront of helping them solve their problems.

Lastly, I want a forum that showcases the Service Providers with the highest quality and integrity and rewards them for that…

My GOAL is to provide a happy marriage between all parties and where we at the end of the day, we pay our success forward to our communities by way of involvement with my foundation:

“Tuggin’ At Your Heartstrings”

Little by little, a little became a lot…

When you’re ready, COME HOME….”

(Shar Woehl)

Founder Shar Woehl - Atta Gurl Consulting
Atta Gurl
My Journey

Common Sense Experience

  • Lifetime Athlete (basketball, softball, soccer, gymnastics, running)
  • Farmer’s Daughter
  • Farmer’s Market
  • President of the FFA
  • State Champion in Cotton Judging, Entomology, Chapter Conducting (Conducting Meetings)
  • UIL-Math, Number Sense, Spelling, Story Telling, Impromptu Speaking
  • Bachelors in Sociology; Minor Business Foundations, Finance, Real Estate and Design

Social & Sales Experience

  • Bartended for 10 Years to pay way through school
  • Started as a Miller Lite girl, worked my way up to special teams, travel team, and eventually to the Events Coordinator Position.
  • Worked as a Brand Ambassador for Diageo.
  • Worked as a Dodge Hemi Girl.
  • Worked as a Harley Davidson Girl.
  • Was a Trade Show Consultant for a few years for an Inventor on Shark Tank.
  • Worked for Bravo Entertainment Magazine (doing the strangest jobs haha)
  • Cart Girl at Trophy Club Country Club

Industry Experience

  • Industry Experience
  • Surface Rental Sales
  • Pipeline Sales
  • VRU Sales
  • I&E Sales, Project Management, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), Procurement
  • Trucking Sales
  • SWD Consultant
  • Construction
  • Maintenance/Rotating Equipment Sales