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3rd Annual Toy Mountain 2023

🧸🌲 Thank You-ToyMountain 🧸🌲

That time of the year, is coming in FAST and Furious!!🔥🔥🔥

We had so much success last year In this tiny project! This community is the best…

I have had a YEAR…Wow I went from being 37 to 65 in 9 fast months!! 😳😂 💨 💨

Nonetheless…Sometimes you need to stop for a second and do something for someone else…

I’m capable, blessed with life, surrounded by opportunity and I have the choice to give back to kids that might not have the same luxury that I have…SOOO why not?!?

We are officially off to the races…

If anyone or any company would like to participate…

I have attached the flier with all the options, and I will also post in the comments!!

We are going to benefit both:


High Sky Children’s RanchColeman SneedChelsey Rogers, MS, LCCA, LCPAA

And a local elderly home (TBD)…


Let the giving begin!!

Atta Gurl Consulting -thank you in advance!

3rd Annual Toy Mountain - Benefitting High Sky Children's Ranch, Midland Texas & (TBA) retirees
You can download the fillable pdf here: