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Atta Gurl Rep

What is an Atta Gurl Rep?

Becoming an ATTA GURL REP is to join the 

  • DREAM TEAM of Oilfield Sales!!

Have you ever wondered, just how successful you COULD BE, if you could ever just stay put in one place, plant your roots and GROW, without always having to start over?!! 

What are the BENEFITS of becoming an ATTA GURL REP??

Competitive Base

  • It is based on YOUR footprint in the industry
  • Achievable Next Levels (that we WANT you to attain)

UNLIMITED Commission (NO CAPS!!!)

Profit Share

  • Based on how well you BUY IN to your own future
  • “Together we are STRONG“, “Together we will SUCCEED“, “Together we shall SHARE in our successes!” (Shar Woehl-Founder)

Vehicle and Phone Stipends

Company Grants for Childcare Assistance

Professional and Industry Training-Provided and Required

Mandatory Philanthropy Involvement

  • It’s important to give back to your communities, and at ATTA it’s a culture requirement.

Just to name a few!!

When you are a ready to make that INVESTMENT into yourself, give us a call and set up your consultation!!

“MY GOAL is for ALL of my ATTA GURL REPS to become MILLIONAIRES in 5 years or less!!…  What’s Yours?!”  (Shar Woehl-Founder)

What is an Atta Gurl Rep? Atta Gurl Consulting