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Atta Gurl Constultant

What is an Atta Gurl Constultant?

Are you currently working as a Sales Rep in the Oilfield?

Do you find yourself “Sold Out” all too often?

Are you Content with your career, but hungry for more?

Do you make “good money”, but would like a taste of “BIG TIME MONEY”?

Are you bored and need something to chase?

Is your integrity important to you?

Do you believe in your value?

Becoming an ATTA GURL CONSULTANT, might be the perfect solution to your dilemma!!

The Perfect Marriage:

“If you have a GREAT Relationship with your boss, and all of the above still rings true…  Set up a Joint Meeting with You, Your Boss and ATTA…Let us show you BOTH how…

Everything is Better with ATTA!!”

**Unlimited Commission Potential** (NO CAPS)

**Your Customers are Your Proprietary Property, and will be protected upon signing** 

What is an Atta Gurl Consultant? Atta Gurl Consulting